Work nr. 1

This is a search for a definition. I try to obtain knowledge about 'things' and when the object becomes something, and why. This work is made as a test for future works. 'Things' belong to each other, to certain situations and places. A thing is defined by all this.


Mixed material

come closer: gemini exit (beeny's retirement)

OUDE KERK, Amsterdam, NL


Beeny’s Retirement is a scored situation for camera by Ivan Cheng, with new sculptures by Kristoffer Zeiner cast in the role of Beeny*. The score is structured temporally by the Transept organ of the church, played by pianist Marta Warelis. A series of half-lives, mini golf holes, and emotional contexts play out for registration on a range of devices. The ‘public’ is invited to use their own headphones and electronic devices to stream audio files prepared by Cheng, containing texts and audio to listen to, relay, and prescribe movement. The act of mediating this content is voluntary, with the role of the witness and their recording device is given equal emphasis.

As well as welcoming an audience to experience the work as a ‘public’, the artist seeks (a) camera enthusiasts and hobbyists, and (b) those interested in performing. Please see below for further details.

GEMINI EXIT (Beeny’s Retirement) is performed in English, but can be experienced without an understanding of language. Please bring headphones. Make sure to dress warmly but comfortably. Style is optional. Please note that the situation will be filmed, the footage intended for a video work. The Koffieschenkerij will be open afterwards for drinks and conversation. Please reserve your seat online to receive advance information.

* Beeny refers in part to Beanie Babies, understuffed soft toys produced in limited numbers; highly collectible. Further, parts of the structural logic finds origin in S03E11 of Gilmore Girls, in conjunction with recent events and relationships. This project functions within the broader interest in (de)materialisations of scores.



149 x 96 x 83 cm

Mixed material, melted worbla plastic.

“funny corpses” -

Initiated and curated by Ivan Cheng

Rubber-latex, markers, wax, house paint, q-tips, wool, spray paint, photograph on green canvas (100 % cotton).

Three folded paintings, light box, trash bin.

Photo by Ivan Cheng


ComHeavens 1,2,3,4

40 x 30 cm

Oil on Belgium linnen.

Photo by Fan Liao