22.06 - 12.07.2019 / Preview  22.06 - 7pm

Gallery Heerz Tooya presents the duo exhibition, titled  I, Burning Man, with new works by visual artist Kristoffer Zeiner Christiansen and Marius Mathisrud.

Let’s take a bellyflop dive into an epic metabolic rift, where life, death, and everything in-between unfolds…

After a long ride, he made camp for the night. With thorough precision, he found a spot by a mountainside and lit up a bonfire. After eating a grilled steak, smoking a few unfiltered tobaccos, and trapped a dozen fireflies, he leaned his back against the rocky wall and stared, across the bonfire, into the black forest. Morgan Kane, the free, lonely man always has his back against a wall, revealed from the constant fear of having someone lurking behind him, yet dealing with increasing paranoiac awareness, that the antagonistic Other will confront him. The twist is that he is unwittingly already consumed by his always-already undesired violator.

The exhibition by Zeiner Christiansen and Mathisrud is a bold reminder that human contradictions in ways of survival and revival find its expression equally as much in the atomic realm as in omnipresent objects. Carbon is their voyage. An action-packed passage condensed into an anthropomorphic deity, that at the end of the day asks the question, what do we do when we know, but do not care, and what do we see, when it is already there.
- Lars Nordby

I, Burning Man

I’m a burning man
Like a star,
I’m a planet that won’t be put out

I am a burning man
I am THE burning man
One that can’t be shut down

I am a burning man
A star among the rest I’m fire to your wind
And I put your sails on spin I’m on fire
I’m lit

I eat babies for breakfast and I tell lovers how to have sex
That’s how hot it gets
When lil burner reflects

On love and respect
Between man
and the rest

All the colors
All the fire
I want to become one
I want to become them
I am them
I am there
I am THE burning man
Burner forever
Fire everywhere
Fast lane til candle is over

Living above you all
In my fire suit and stardust all around
Too much never

Please just see me as I am
Inside of you
Lil’Burner is forever true

Hagesofa, 2019
Canopy swing
165 x 170 x 60cm

Toxic Aliens, 2019
Carbon fiber, epoxy resin, kevlar, and styrofoam
297 x 175 x 32cm