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B 1987, Lommedalen, Norway
Visual artist. Lives and works in Amsterdam.
Kristoffer Zeiner’s artistic practice deals with an approach towards the autobiographical subject- his work focuses on authorship and production. Zeiner practice partly explores site-specificity as well as applying a linguistic interest that proposes ways to relate and read subject matter within narrative media made of objects. These objects are produced under related conditions, and is always telling the truth of their own existance.  

Studio located in: Amsterdam, 



Kristoffer Zeiner
B 1987, Lommedalen, Norway
Visual artist.
Kristoffer Zeiner is initiating the exhibition space _Souterrain14 together with four other artists.



2015-2017 Sandberg Institute, MA Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
2012-2015 Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Interior Architecture
2008-2010 Høyskolen Kristiania, Graphic Design dept.


2019, June, ARV.I , Vishovgrad, Bulgaria
2018- march, april, may - ARV.I , Vishovgrad, Bulgaria
2010-2017, Assistant, Aase Gulbrandsen (painter), Oslo, NO
2017, Anne Holtrop (architect), and the Minister of Culture, Bahrain
2016, H.E. Olsson, Amsterdam, NL
2015, Martin Belou, BE
2015-2016, Oslo Kunsthavn, Manager, curator, Oslo, NO
2012 and 2014 Olssøn Barbieri, Oslo, NO
2009-2011, Yoyo Stuff- Co founder- Graphic studio, Oslo, NO


Selected exhibitions:

2019 Heerz Tooya, (w/ Marius Mathisrud) 20. June
2019 Gemini exit (beeny's retirement), Oude Kerk, Amsterdam
2018 Shifting Class, Jsus, Amsterdam
2018 New Poem - solo exhibition at Radical Gallery, Veliko Tarnovo BL
2018 One night only at TAM, Veliko Tarnovo BL
2018, solo exhibition. Amsterdam, NL
2017 Amsterdam Dance Festival, De School, NL
2017 Festival of Choices, collaboration; w/ Nora Barón, Gallery Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam, NL
2017 New Town (curated by Bas Hendrikx), Station North, Amsterdam, NL
2017 Neverneverland, De Punt, Amsterdam, Curated by Helen Webers NL
2016 Dear Jay, H.E. Olsson, initiated by Ivan Cheng, Amsterdam, NL
2016 TM51, Oslo, NO
2016 Paranymph, Slush Puppies, Curated by Ivan Cheng, De Fabriek, Eindhoven, NL
2016 A Place Beyond Desire, Amsterdam, NL
2015 The Wellness Camp, Curated by Martin Belou and Parkingclub, Turnhout, BE
2015 Art program, Sommerøya, NO
2015 Graduation show, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, NO
2013 Art program, Sommerøya, NO
2013 Papir with fans, (re-installation together with the National Ballet Academie), Oslo National Academy of the Arts, NO
2013 Sticks, Elvelangs, Oslo, NO
2012 Art program, Sommerøya, NO
2012 Tide project, Galleri Neuf, NO Oslo
2012 Papir with fans, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, NO